What is the point of view in Killings?

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Andre Dubus has been praised as an author who is able to present a point of view from "within an individual family."  The technical perspective of "Killings" is 3rd person, but it is an arguably limited point of view.  Though the narration is given from an outsider's perspective, the majority of the story surrounds the present tense actions and thoughts of Matt Fowler.  Through Matt's perspective, the audience sees a victimized (and assumedly innocent) Frank Fowler.  Through Matt's perspective, the audience glimpses a killer's pristine and well organized house.  In fact, through Matt's perspective, the audience does not really see any apprehension, fear, nor plan of Strout's to get away, and so the surprise movement and shot are just as sudden to the audience as they are to Matt and Willis that night.