What is the story's point of view, how does it best show the central conflict, and would a different perspective be as effective?

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amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The point of view is third person limited and it is appropriate since only with third person are we able to see what happens on both sides of the door which keeps Gregor in his room. Most of the events are shown through Gregor's eyes which is how we come to understand and witness the main conflict--Gregor's discontent with his sacrifice and working so hard a a job he hates to support an ungrateful family.  The viewpoint shifts from Gregor and his room and thoughts to the family and their reactions and happenings.  Obviously, with a first person point of view this would not be possible...where would the point of view go after Gregor's death?  With third person, we see Gregor's death and then shift once again to the family to see that they have moved on and are all working, healthy, and looking with hope to the future. 

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