What are the point of view, conflict, setting, and theme of the story "Moonlight"?

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The point of view is perspective from which the story is told. In this story, the narrator is outside the characters, looking in. We call that the 3rd-person point of view. Additionally, the narrator knows the thoughts of both characters, so we call that the omniscient (all-knowing) 3rd person.

The setting is the parlor of the home of Madame Julie Roubere.

The overriding conflict in this story is man vs. self. When Henriette arrives, Julie is struck by the fact that she has two white locks in her black hair. Henriette is in her early twenties, and so should not have any white hairs. Julie knows something is wrong and begs her sister to tell her. Henriette is dissatisfied in her marriage and believes she has had an affair with a phantom. The conflict is not man vs. man because Henriette's husband is not aware of her conflict. She struggles within herself, searching for the romance that is missing in her marriage.

A theme of this story may be what Julie says in the last paragraph: "...very often it is not a man that we love, but love itself." Would Henriette be satisfied by any man?

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