At what point is Jessie's main conflict resolved in "The Slave Dancer?"

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jessie has several conflicts.  One conflict is when he is kidnapped and taken on a slave ship to play his fife for the slaves to "dance" and get exercise.  This conflict is resolved when he makes it back on US soil and eventually arrives back home.  Another, deeper conflict is what this experience does to Jessie's personality.  Even though he makes it back home, he never overcomes the internal conflict he feels after the experiences on The Moonlight.  Jessie give up his plans to become "rich" because he can not find a profession which does not lead back to the slave trade.  He can no longer listen to music because it takes him back to the horror of what he endured while on the slave ship.  Jessie spends the rest of his life trying to resolve this conflict and even though he marries and has a "normal life," this conflict is never resolved.