At what point in his career did Shakespeare write Othello? I want to know what was happening in his career at the time when Othello was written.

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Othello was performed at the royal court on Nov. 1, 1604, which means it was written probably shortly before that time, although an exact date of composition is not available. We know it was written between Hamlet and King Lear. As we can see by the two plays it falls between, Shakespeare was in a period of writing tragedies.

In 1604, Shakespeare was 40 years old, squarely in middle age. This put him at roughly the same age as Othello, so we can imagine he identified closely with what it what it might feel like to be a middle-aged man, successful and respected in one's career, but insecure about being lovable to a younger woman.

As said above, Shakespeare was reaping the rewards of being a successful playwright with a...

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