In Chains, at what point does Isabel accept Curzon's proposal to become a spy?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This fast paced and dramatic novel is set in America in the period of history immediately before the Revolutionary war. Isabel, the novel's protagonist, is shown to be very confused about which side to try and aid. England is taking over New York City, and she does not know whether to support the Loyalists or the Rebels. Both sides equally use slaves for their own ends, but it is Isabel's discoverty that the Loyalists and Tories both support slvery that help push her to support the Rebels. It is therfore at this stage, once she has already internally made up her mind to support the Rebel cause, that Curzon, a representative of the rebels, comes to her and offer her an exchange. If she will spy on her owners, who have information about a British invasion, then they will help Isabel to find her sister who was sent away and guarantee Isabel's freedom. Curzon's offer therefore comes after Isabel has already seen the way in which the Loyalists intend to continue the practice of slavery that has only brought her sadness, oppression and pain.