What is the point of conditioning?Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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In the New World, genetic engineering is used from the onset of life,and the design and the conditioning of the individual is essential for social stability. With the main goal of the New World society being happiness, conditioning enters into the lives of the residentsin their childhood, in the form of sleep conditioning, or hypnopaedia.  During this sleep conditioning, children are taught to like the members of their own caste and to dislike some of the others; in this way, they will not associate with other castes. 

Conditioning exists in many areas, such as in the New World culture in which love, marriage, and parenthood are scatological; that is, they are like jokes about excrement.  In this manner, no one will respect these states, nor want to enter upon them.  Another way in which members of the New World are conditioned in their behavior is through the use of soma, named after a Hindu hallucinogenic drink.  This drug is used by the officials when they need to repress any agitated emotions of the people. Soma assists in adding to the contentment of the people.

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