Bedtime Story Questions and Answers
by George MacBeth

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What is the poem's structure in "Bedtime Story" by George MacBeth?

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"Bedtime Story" by George MacBeth comprises thirteen free-verse quatrains. Free verse means that this poem does not contain any rhymes, nor does it have a regular meter. A quatrain simply means there are four lines to each stanza. A “stanza” is a group of lines forming a unit, or verse. Therefore, in this poem, there are thirteen units comprising four lines each. Having a “regular meter” means that there is a pattern to the beats in the poem. Read the poem aloud to determine if you can hear a regular pattern or rhythm to it. There are many types of rhyme schemes. You may have heard of the following forms: ABAB, AABB, AAAA, and so on. Although “Bedtime Story” was written in free verse without a specific rhyme scheme, it does seem to have some consistency to the way it was written. Look, particularly, at the last lines of each quatrain. As you read it aloud, you should hear...

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