What poems can relate to The Kite Runner?    

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A poem that relates to Amir's struggle to find his identity is Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "Who am I?" which can be found at the following link: http://www.dbonhoeffer.org/who-was-db2.htm

Like Amir, Bonhoeffer was upper class. He, like Amir, returned to his country of origin, though, as Nazi Germany it was a dangerous place to be, after taking refuge for a time in the United States. Like Amir, he was haunted by his past, albeit in different ways from Amir.

Bonhoeffer ended up imprisoned by the Gestapo. In prison, because of his family and class, he was looked up to by the other prisoners, but like Amir, often felt that the successful front he put up was a fraud. The poem explores the gap between the person Bonhoeffer looked like on the outside and how he feels on the inside—an issue that Amir also grapples with.

Another poem that relates to The Kite Runner is "I Find No Peace" by Sir Thomas...

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