What is the poem "To Wordsworth" by Percy Bysshe Shelley about?   ~thankss(::)

Vanessa, this poem is about Shelley writing to one of his poetic friends.  It is a poem that mourns the aging process that his friend is going through when he says that his childhood and first love have "fled like sweet dreams".  "Honored poverty" suggests that the man he is writing to chose to be poor and thus is it honored.  He describes him as a "lone star" whose voice "did weave Songs to consecrate truth and liberty".  This demonstrates the amount of respect that Shelley had for the poetry of his friend as he assumed that he was the "lone star" over the "battling multitudes" of other poets.  The poem is a sonnet and in turn deals with largely lyrical matters.  However, in the poem Wordsworth's grief has weighed him down and caused his writing to cease.  Shelley uses the poem to express his regret of this conclusion, "though leavest me to grieve, thus having been, though should cease to be".

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The answer to your question is not very easy to express. I ,however, wish to give it a try.

In the very poem the lines `` Childhood and youth, friendship and love's first glow, Have fled like sweet dreams, leaving thee to mourn,``have been personified. And since  Wordsworth lost them like  sweet dreams, it may have given him the reason to  mourn. So, till this point of the poem,we have only one theme: Lose.

We can further find the following things as well.

Simile:Childhood and youth; friendship and love's first glow, have been compared with ``Sweet dreams.``

Alliteration: Blind and battling.

Tone/Diction: With  such words as  mourn,winter,midnight, woes,lose,there we can find a sense of nostalgia and depression.So, a new theme has come to us as ``Nostalgia and depression of Wordsworth this time.

Furthermore, the phrase`` winter`s midnightroar`` expresses paradoxical thought , because the winter is normally thought of as cold, quiet and rather dead in and of itself.The phrase`` honoured poverty``is also odd for most of us for most of we know that it is only the rich and powerful who are honoured and revered more.

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