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What does the poem "The Enigmas" have to do with post/colonialism?

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Given everything that is known about the late Argentine writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges, and much is known of this esteemed individual due in no small part to his interviews with such literary outlets as Paris Review, there is little reason to believe that colonialism or post-colonialism played much of a role in his thinking as he penned The Enigmas. Borges simply did not dwell on such matters, at least not publicly. Many so-called intellectuals and literary analysts ascribe to Borges a role in post-colonial literature that may or not be warranted, but comments like that below from one writer serve to illustrate the deep-seeded need on the part of many in academia and in literary circles to ascribe to him a motivation that may not always have contributed to his writings:

"I have long taught Borges in my classes, and I understand how deeply indebted I am as a writer to Borges’s tricky, duplicitous mind." 

That quote, from author and professor Gina Apostol, is classic academia in its...

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