Identify a poem that connects to the basic idea of "For you a thousand times over" in The Kite Runner?

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The idea of "For you, a thousand times over" seems to indicate that no matter how many difficulties emerge, the devotion and love one has towards another will always remain.  Certainly, this is true for Hassan and Amir, and ends up becoming true for Amir and Sohrab.  I think that a great work with the poetic quality to capture the devotion in the line would be the Lennon/ McCartney song, "In My Life."  I think that the song does a great job of capturing this devotion to someone throughout one's life.  The song expresses how consciousness can be challenging and divergent, but is seemingly brought into convergence with the idea of devotion towards a particular person.  The idea of change, yet remaining constant towards the element of specific devotion is something that is evidenced in how Hassan is loyal to Amir and how Amir learns to become loyal to Sohrab.  I think that this idea of "for you, a thousand times over" is brought out in the song in that both display how individuals can change without sacrificing their initial devotion and loyalty towards another.  Residing at the core of their being and the center of their consciousness, it becomes evident that "For you, a thousand times over" and "In my life, I've loved you more," are almost interchangeable in meaning and intent.


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