What is Poe saying about revenge and justification through Montresor's conflict?In other words, what does Montresor's character suggest about revenge and justification?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Montressor is not a sympathetic character.  He does get away with his crime, but he seems to be mentally unstable.  Poe does not present him as logical.  He seems to be deranged.  By not telling us what the insult was, Poe eliminates any opportunity for us to try to understand Montressor.  So while Montressor defends his actions and tried to impress us with his cleverness, we just see the insanity.  Based on this, you can infer that Poe does not agree that revenge is justified.  If Poe wanted to write a story about revenge that demonstrated an agreement with the concept of revenge, he would have chosen a sympathetic narrator, responding to an obvious insult, that we would have agreed with. This leads me to say Poe did not justify revenge.
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