What is the plural of the number 7?

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I would avoid trying to put a plural on an actual number.  It looks goofy and is not proper to write 7s.  Use the word instead: "Seven."  

Then it's easier to make plural.  Most English nouns can be made into a plural simply by adding an "s."  That makes your word "sevens."  Used in a sentence: "Their address has multiple sevens in it."  

It would be great if the English language always worked by adding an "s" to form a plural, but there are a lot of irregular words to contend with in addition to the words that you add "es" to instead of "s."  For example: "child" to "children"; "woman" to "women."  

Then there are the super weird ones where the plural and the singular are the same thing: 1 deer; 8 deer.  

Seven is not irregular.  It doesn't end in y, ch, x, or s, so it doesn't need an "es" ending.  Use "sevens." 

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