What are the plots in the seven parts of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"?

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In part 1 the mariner picks out one wedding guest who is compelled by the mariner's "glittering eye" and listens to his tale. The mariner tells of his sea voyage and an Albatross. The men saw it as a good omen; however, the mariner shot the bird with his crossbow.

In part 2 they turn the ship around and head back north. The ship stops, the wind stops, and they are stuck with no water. The men hang the dead Albatross around the mariner's neck.

In part 3 a ghost ship appears with Death and Life in Death aboard. They gamble for the lives of the men. Death wins all of the sailors and Life in Death wins the Mariner. So all the men drop dead aboard the mariner's ship.

In part 4 he was stuck with all the dead men staring at him. He even tried to pray but was unable to. He himself could not die, although he wanted to. Then he blessed some sea snakes and was able to pray again.

In part 5 he is finally able to sleep. It rains and the wind blows. The dead men on his ship rise and begin working and running the ship while singing, too. Then the ship stops and rocks and throws him to the ground. Voices speak about how he's paid his penance, but has more to pay.

In part 6 the spell breaks.The men again go lifeless and each has an angel about him. He hears a boat nearing with a Pilot, his son and a Hermit.

In part 7 his boat sinks, he jumps aboard the Hermit's boat and begs forgiveness. He then goes from place to place telling those who need it to respect all of nature.

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