In Tisha, a fictionalized true story, how is plot constructed?

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Since Tisha is a fictionalized account of real events Robert Specht has structured this biographical story of the surprises in the Alaskan wilderness town of Chicken within traditional fiction principles. Using fictionalized dialogue to convey the events of Anne Hobbs' year as a teacher who set up a new school in Chicken, Sprecht provides an inciting incident, rising action based on conflict, a climax, falling action, and a resolution.

For instance, the opening provides the inciting action that tells about Anne Hobbs' trip from Eagle, Alaska to Chicken, Alaska in which her poorly chosen clothing--fit for making a good impression but not fit for getting there--becomes torn and dirty and disheveled and finally has to be covered by her guide's mackinaw.

Later, one element of rising action occurs when a whisky runner kidnaps two Native American children who were living Anne Hobbs at their father's request so they could be educated at her school. The children were kidnapped to return them to an Eskimo village, which is where prejudiced towns people thought they belonged.

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