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This is the story of a boy who lives on a farm.  The title comes from the name of the room where the family spends time in the winter.  There is different work to do in the farm in different seasons.  In the spring they have to clean up from winter, including training new calves. This is Eldon’s job.  In the summer his father plows the fields and Eldon brings him lunch, but cannot help because he used to be sickly.  Eldon does not like spring because of the dead animals, and does not like summer because of the hard work.  He does not like fall because it is when animals are killed in preparation for winter.  He does enjoy playing in the snow though.

In the winter, Eldon enjoys listening to Uncle David’s stories.  However, they upset his brother Wayne, who calls David a liar.  David hears this and becomes upset.  He seems old and broken, and the stories stop.  Then one day he gets some logs and is able to chop them with an axe as the boys secretly watch.  They almost stop him because they are worried that he will hurt himself, but he succeeds.  They do not let him know they were watching, and that night the stories continue.



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