What is the plot of Treasure Island?

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Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island includes pirates, buried treasure, a (nearly) deserted island, murder, revenge and mystery--all of the elements needed for a classic tale of adventure. When Billy Bones, an old pirate, arrives at the Admiral Benbow Inn, he befriends the son of the owner, Jim Hawkins. Bones eventually dies, and young Jim discovers a treasure map among his belongings. He sets off to find the buried gold along with Squire Trelawney--who finances the trip--and Dr. Livesey. The crew they hire to pilot their ship turn out to be cutthroats, however, led by the one-legged Long John Silver. The pirates desert the ship and attempt to find the buried treasure on their own, but Jim manages to outwit them, and he returns with the squire and the doctor to England as wealthy men.