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Gulliver is a surgeon. He is very educated and speaks to the reader, saying that he will tell his story while at sea. He tells the reader about his youth and marriage to Mrs. Burton. During his first trip he is stranded on Lilliput. He wakes up and is surrounded by little people called Lilliputians. Gulliver has a military vistory over a neighboring island, Blefusco, and  is commended. However as time goes on he hears that he will be arrested for treason so he runs away from the island and goes back to England.

He sees his wife and children, then he goes on another trip. Again he is ship wrecked on a peninsula called, Brobdingnag, very different than Lilliput. In this new country they are all much larger than he. Because he is so small he has a new vantage point to see peeople whom he thinks are grotesque and spiritually immoral. His nursemaid is Glumdalclitch who loves him. Gulliver is lonely and wants to escape.He plans an escape and then suddenly a large bird picks up his home and drops it inthe sea.Gulliver floats in this home on the sea until a British ship picks him up. No one believes his fantastic stories. He presents souveners so finally they believe him.

Gulliver goes home but soon feels the wanderlust and leaves. At sea his ship is attacked by pirates.Gulliver escapes to land. Soon after he is pulled up in the air on a floating island, Laputa. He meets the Laputans who operate their world through science and mathematics and worship an enormous  stone in the middle of the island. He wants to leave. He sails to the islands of Balnibarbi. He visits some people:  Lagado and Glubbdubdrib, where he can talk with the spirits of the past great men Alexander the Great and Julius Ceasar.He visits Luggnagg, an meets an immortal race. Finally, Gulliver leaves the Balnibarbi and goes home.

Of course when he arrives he is wanting to leave all over again. Gulliveer takes off in his ship.His shipmates revolt against him. He finds land and sees cows and humans, the Houyhnhnms and the Yahoos. The Houyhnhnms look like horses and rule the land. The Yahoos look just like humans but they only serve.The Houyhnhnms look at Gulliver and see another "human". The commander horse gets to know Gulliver and likes him. Gulliver feels disgusted by his own race of human beings. He likes the Houyhnhnm culture because their behavior is rules by reason, respect and truth. However they make him go away because he is too similar to the Yahoos.Gulliver feels depressed but listens to them.

Gulliver lhad lived for 4 years with the Houyhnhnms, before going back to England. The family is surprised. They thought he was dead.Gulliver walks like a horse now; and he doesn't like people anymore. When he lived with the Houyhnhnm he changed, especially his thinking about what constitutes a good society. He was no longer satisfied with Europe. He adjusts to live in England but finds his only companionship from 2 horses he bought and speaks with everyday.He writes about his experiences.

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