What is the plot and the theme of the "God sees the truth but waits" by Leo Tolstoy?in diffrent page

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Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov was a merchant living in a town in Russia, Vladimir. Although Aksionov was prone to drinking, he was not violent, and he was responsible and well liked by people that knew him. One day he decides to go to a fair as a business venture, but his wife pleads for him not to go because of a nightmare she had the previous night. Aksionov doesn't consider his wife's dream and leaves for the fair. Aksionov meets another merchant on his way, and the two decide to travel together. They check into an inn and have a good time by drinking, then they retire separately. Aksionov wakes early in the next morning to get to the fair and leaves without the other merchant. Not far down the road, Aksionov is stopped by some policemen. They explain a merchant was just murdered and robbed, and then they search Aksionov's bag. They found a bloody knife, and despite Aksionov's claims of not to be murderer, he is sentenced and sent to Siberia. After his trial flogging, his wife can finally visit him, and she sees that Aksionov's hair has begun to go gray from the stress. Aksionov spends twenty-six years in Siberia, and, resigned to his fate, he dedicates his life to God. He becomes a mediator of sorts in the prison, and he is well respected by the other prisoners and also guards alike. One day some new prisoners, one of them is Makar Semyonich, are transferred to the prison. After overhearing several conversations, Aksionov is convinced that Makar Semyonich is the man who committed the murder for which Aksionov was blamed. Eventually Aksionov confronts Makar Semyonich, but he denies committing the murder. One day the guards notice that someone had been strewing dirt around the grounds, and the search the prison and find a tunnel. Aksionov had found out earlier that it was Makar Semyonich that was digging the hole, but after being questioned by the police, Aksionov declares that it is not his place to speak about the matter. Makar Semyonich approaches Aksionov later that day in a terrible state, and he eventually admits to Aksionov that it was he who killed the merchant. Aksionov forgives Semyonich, and he feels as if a terrible weight had been lifted. Makar Semyonich confesses to the authorities, and the process for Aksionov to be cleared is begun. Unfortunately, Aksionov dies before he can reach home, but he dies in peace.

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"Gods knows everything that happen in the world but would wait until you do what he wants before he acts". We could see from the story that and title that God knows that Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov is innocent however, he makes Aksionov do what he wants before he lets him go (to died peacefully). HE wants Aksionov to understand where home is and to forgive Makar.

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It's theme is forgiveness and triumph in times of tragedy. It also relates that we have to let God take care of everything and be assured that he knows the truth no matter what everybody else might think.

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