What is the plot summary of this story The Man Who Would Be King?

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The plot of the story involves a reporter who meets two men pretending to be reporters who want to become king of some small insignificant country.

The narrator is a real reporter, but he comes across two conmen who are pretending to be reporters.  These men have decided that the narrator needs to help them become kings.  With his assistance they choose a small country named Kafiristan.

By my reckoning it's the top right-hand corner of Afghanistan, not more than three hundred miles from Peshawar. They have two and thirty heathen idols there, and we'll be the thirty-third and fourth.

The narrator retires back into respectability and does not hear from them for a while.  Soon one of the men, Carnehan, returns to say that they were able to be kings but they have been run out, and Dravot was killed.

To become king, Dravot pretended to be a mad priest and wooed the natives with whirligigs.  They also convinced the people that they could help them vanquish their enemies.  Unfortunately, they were pretending to be gods and when the people found out they weren't they killed Dravot and injured Carnehan, who was able to return to tell his tale.

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