Kew Gardens Questions and Answers
by Virginia Woolf

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What is the plot summary of "Kew Gardens" by Virginia Woolf?

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There really is not much plot to speak of in "Kew Gardens." However, there is a lot of drama, little human dramas played out against a luscious landscape one hazy summer's afternoon. The epicenter of the story is a flowerbed, which Woolf describes in lush detail. This is the still point of a rapidly turning world, round which various groups of people revolve. The characters of the story are likened to butterflies, aimlessly fluttering around the flower bed, utterly absorbed in their own little worlds.

First, we are introduced to a married couple, Simon and Eleanor. Despite the passage of time, Simon cannot get Lily, a former lover who rejected his proposal of marriage, out of his mind. This immediately alerts us to the fact that all is not well with his marriage to Eleanor, a suspicion confirmed as Simon noticeably walks ahead of his wife and his children, rather than beside them. The beauty and simplicity of the natural world around them is reflected in Eleanor's childhood memories...

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