What is the Plot Summary of Autumn in the Oak Woods?It is the story from Yuri Kazakov

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story begins with the young man waiting in his small mountain home and then heading down to the dock to wait for a woman who is supposed to arrive by boat.  He is nervous that she won't show, but she does.

They walk back to his house, and he shows her as many of the good things about his situation as he can in the dark.  It is very clear that he is trying his hardest to impress her, to help her feel that he has made the right decision by living in this place.

The story ends the next morning as they watch a tug go by on the river.  It has become clear that they both feel there is something worth being out in the country for, something that they both might be looking for after a (likely) previous life in a big city.