What is the plot structure of To Kill a Mockingbird? What are the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution and conflict?

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The plot structure of “To Kill A Mockingbird” is as follows: The exposition begins by introducing the Finch family (Scout, her brother Jem, and widowed father Atticus) who live in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama where racial prejudice is common. Atticus is a prominent lawyer in Maycomb, and his family has managed to be reasonably well-off despite the effects of the Great Depression. The conflict involves a young black man named Tom Robinson who has been accused of raping a white woman. Atticus decides to defend Tom despite the town’s overwhelming racial prejudice. The rising action involves Atticus’ children, Scout and Jem, who deal with various trials and learn valuable lessons about morals, racism, and justice. The climax happens when Tom is found guilty despite lack of evidence, due to racial prejudices involved in the ruling. The falling action includes Bob Ewell’s continued threats of violence towards Atticus and his family following the trial. The conclusion involves the Finch’s reclusive neighbor, Boo Radley, saving Scout and Jem from Bob Ewell’s attempt to stab them. Boo Radley intervenes and kills Bob Ewell during the struggle.

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