What is the plot of A Wrinkle in Time?

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In A Wrinkle in Time, the Murrys miss their father, who is a scientist who has mysteriously disappeared. At the same time, the lead character, Meg Murry, deals with the problems of adolescence. She feels she is an awkward and unattractive misfit and also feels she has to defend her little brother, Charles Wallace, from those who think he is strange.

On a dark and stormy night, a mysterious stranger, Mrs. Whatsit, shows up at the Murry's New England farmhouse. Charles Wallace has been expecting her. As it happens, she and her two companions, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who, can take Meg, Charles Wallace, and Meg's handsome friend Calvin to the planet Camazotz, where their father is being held prisoner. Once there, they can try to free him.

Camazotz is wholly evil and controlled by an entity called IT that tries to take over the children's minds. Charles Wallace succumbs to mind control, and the two other children and Mr. Murry have to leave him behind when they escape the planet. Later, Meg goes back alone to save him. She matures and gain confidence because of her experiences.

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A Wrinkle in Time is the story of a sister and brother, Meg and Charles Wallace Murry, who rescue their father from captivity on the planet of Camazotz—and in the process save the universe from the clutches of an evil power called IT. They are aided in their struggles by Calvin O'Keefe, a friend who travels with them across the universe.

The novel introduces an entertaining cast of characters, many of whom exist only in the realm of the imagination. Odd as some of these characters are— the three strange old ladies, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Which, who guide the children through the galaxies; the tentacled monster, Aunt Beast; and IT, a disembodied human brain—both the characters and the plot seem believable.

A Wrinkle in Time is much more than an intergalactic adventure story. L'Engle examines such issues as the nature of good and evil, the meaning of love, and the importance of self-sacrifice. She wishes to show readers what constitutes noble and admirable human behavior, yet her story is never a sermon. It is, instead, a chance for the reader to watch Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace face challenges, overcome them, and grow as a result of their tests.

This is a great story for gifted students as both Meg and Charles Wallace are definitely gifted and go through many of the challenges that gifted students face on a day to day basis.  Good luck, and Happy Reading!  This entire series is SO GOOD. 


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