What is the plot of the story "Soldier's Home" (Situation, Complication, Crisis, Climax, Resolution)?

Expert Answers
hadley818 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The basic situation is that Harold Krebs is struggling to find his place in his family and society after returning home from the war.

 There are several complications that arise for Harold. He has no job, no ambition, and no real connections with those around him. He feels as if his town has gone on without him--even the fashions and hair styles have changed. Krebs lies about his experience in the war, and he doesn't seem to know what his purpose was. He has to read about the war in books.

 Harold faces a crisis when his mother says that he needs to start looking for a job. Harold is not married and successful like other young men his age. The climax of the story occurs when Harold's mother asks him if he loves her and he says no. She asks him to pray, and he says that he cannot pray. The resolution is rather abrupt--Harold decides to venture out on his own and look for a job in Kansas City. Harold doesn't want to be bothered by things like family and relationships.