What is the plot of the story The Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore?

kc4u | Student

Tagore's story The Postmaster is all about a young village girl, Ratan, and the Postmaster having come from the town. It is a moving story of relationships, of togetherness and separation.

Ratan, a quiet and emotive village girl comes in close contact with the Postmaster. Ratan is an illiterate girl who learns the alphabet from the Postmaster. She takes much care of him, shows much concern for him. She loves to serve the man and her loving loyalty is a part of her essential character. When the Postmaster falls ill, Ratan nurses her in the role of a loving mother. But the village environment does not suit the Postmaster, and as he leaves the village, Ratan runs down to the riverside to see his boat being steered away. All objects of desire are so fleeting and short-lived.The desire lies in the impossibility of its attainment.

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