What is the plot of Rundown in order of main events?

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Jennifer dramatically and deliberately manipulates her family and friends. Jealous of her older sister, Cassandra, who seems perfect physically, intellectually, and socially, Jennifer wants her parents to focus on her instead of planning her sister's wedding. Initially, her faked rape is a game to Jennifer who pretends she has been attacked by a serial rapist whom the authorities have been looking for in the San Francisco Bay area. Jennifer claims that the rapist grabbed her and that she hit him and pushed him away, successfully fighting to escape from him. Her accusations, however, result in unwanted probing by law enforcement authorities regarding her attack, and Jennifer's lies multiply as she becomes a pawn used to aid the police in incarcerating a suspected rapist.

When questioned about possible abuse by her mother, Jennifer denies that her mother has ever injured her, but readers cannot be sure if she is telling the truth. Overwhelmed by the kindness and concern displayed by others, Jennifer's self-esteem shatters as she discovers her dark side and cannot escape her internal angst. Tension heightens as Jennifer worries about her family, friends, and officials discovering her deception and feels alienated from her community. Exhausted by her deceitful actions and subsequent guilt, her sanity wavers as she psychologically falls apart and becomes emotionally and physically Rundown.

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