What is the plot of "The Interlopers"?

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This is the story of two conflicts.  There is a conflict between two men.  They are Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym, two men whose families hate each other.  They are out patrolling some land that they both sort of claim, and it is clear that they want to kill each other.

Then there is a conflict between the two men and nature.  They are caught under a tree that falls on them in a storm.  While they are under the tree, they resolve the conflict between them and agree to be friends.  But the conflict with nature is still unresolved.

At the end of the story, nature looks like it is going to win because a pack of wolves comes and, it appears, is going to eat the two helpless men.

I'd say that the climax to the story comes when the two men make peace with one another.  That means that the part before is the rising action and the part after is the falling action.

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"The Interlopers" is a an ironic story about two men who start out as enemies and end up friends--just in time to die.  Their families are literally feuding over possession of some forest land, and each has sworn to kill the other if they ever see one another out hunting in that forest land.  Of course, both are there on a stormy night, and a tree falls over and pins them both to the ground.  Once they battle it out verbally for a bit (not very long, as it's a short, short story), one decides to be the bigger man and offers his wine flask to the other as a token of friendship.  The offer is accepted, and the two men are nearly giddy, figuratively speaking, tripping over one another in the hopes of being the first to offer help to the other.  In the great ironic twist, the shadows they see through the trees are not either one's men.  Instead, they're wolves. 

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thank you so much for the last answer on my assignment

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You can do this! What's "plot," anyway? It's the story line, right? So the story line (what happened) leads up to some point. You're looking for the what that leads up to the so, what?.

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