What is the plot of the short story "Ricochet" by Angela Noel?

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The short story "Ricochet" by Angela Noel opens with a man named Owen plotting to murder his younger brother, Huw. With ropes and wire, he arranges a shotgun on two chairs and sets it so that when his brother opens the door, the shotgun will fire at him and kill him. Owen then heads for the village to establish an alibi so that he cannot be blamed for the crime.

Most of the story is told in flashback to explain Owen's motivation for wanting to kill Huw. Owen and Huw co-own the farm that used to belong to their father. Its flock of sheep and dogs had recently all had to be killed because of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. When they first discovered it, Owen had wanted to cover up the disease to save as many of the flock as possible, but Huw had insisted on calling the authorities.

That was not the main problem, though. Owen and Huw were in love with the same woman, Rhiannon, and she chose Huw. When she and Huw could not have children, Rhiannon had an affair with Owen, and Margo,...

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