What is the plot and setting of Rapunzel?

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The well known German fairy tale is set deep in a forest. An unborn child is promised to an enchantress, Dame Gothel, as payment for a debt. When the child, Rapunzel, turns 12 years old, the witch shuts her away in a one-room tower in the middle of the woods with no stairway or door and only one window. Whenever the witch wished to enter, she would command Rapunzel to drop her long hair from the window so she could climb up.

One day, a wandering prince hears Rapunzel singing from the tower. He visits often and one day sees how the witch enters. After the witch left, the prince asked Rapunzel to lower her hair, and he climbed up and proposed marriage. But the witch finds out about the prince, angrily cuts off Rapunzel's hair and evicts her from the castle, taking her place instead. When the prince returns, the witch lowers Rapunzel's hair below and he climbs up, only to be repulsed by the witch. In horror, he throws himself from the tower into a thorn bush, which blinds him.

Wandering through the woods one day, the prince hears Rapunzel's singing and the two lovers meet once again. Rapunzel's tears of joy return the prince's lost sight, and the two return to his home and live happily ever after.

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