What is the plot of "The Gift of The Magi"?

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O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi is a classic Christmas story that is often retold in television and movies. Della and Jim are a young, married couple who have little money to afford gifts but are determined to give each other special presents on Christmas day. Della has long, beautiful hair that she loves, but she opts to sell it to afford a gift for Jim. She buys him a chain for his pocket watch, an item he loves as she loves her hair.

Della gives Jim the chain, and he's forced to admit that he, too, sold his most valued possession—his watch—to afford a gift for her. He produces hair combs he bought for Della, which she can no longer use because she sold her hair. Both Della and Jim love one another more than they value their treasured items.

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The story is about Della and Jim, a young couple that does not have very much money.  So, with Christmas coming Della is worried about buying a gift for Jim.  She has been saving and saving, but only has $1.87, not enough to buy anything with.  So, she decides to sell her hair-beautiful, long hair that is her pride and joy.  She does, and with the money is able to buy a chain for the gold watch that Jim loves so much.  Jim gets home and she presents her gift, only to discover that Jim has sold his gold watch to get her hair clips.  It is a sweet story about the love this couple has for each other, and what they are willing to sacrifice to show that love.

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