What is the plot of "To Build a Fire"?

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Our protagonist begins a trek, with his dog, across the frozen tundra even though the locals told him not to. He soon realizes that it is too cold, and the only way he is going to survive after getting wet is to build a fire to keep warm. His hands are frozen, and he has a hard time lighting a match. He finally succeeds in starting a fire under a tree. Unfortunately, the heat of the fire melts the snow on the tree's branches, and it falls on him and the fire, putting it out. He tries to light another fire, but he is too cold. He thinks about trying to catch the dog he is with so that he can use the body for warmth, but the dog is not compliant. He ends up dying in the snow.

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Read the story, and then you'll be able to summarize the plot. You've got to work for it.

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