What is the plot pyramid for Brave New World?

Expert Answers
mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Exposition:  The opening scenes where the Controller is giving the lecture that outlines their society's values, theories and genetic engineering.  Also, the introduction of Lenina and Bernard, along with other  "prototype" characters to help us get a feel for the people in this world.

Rising Action:  Lenina's desire to go out with Bernard, and his angst with the society.  These two rebels introduce potential flaws in the workings of their society.  More rising action occurs when they decide to go to the Savage mission, and are introduced to John and his mother.  More occurs when they take John and his mother back, and how Bernard achieves fame through John's presence.  Lenina falls for John and is all a-fluster over his behavior.  John becomes frustrated and depressed, and his mother dies.

Climax:  John freaks out after his mother's death, and is taken into Mond's office with Bernard and Watson, and they are all presented with a "choice" to leave.  Mond's (and by extension, the society's) philosophies are revealed, and debate and discussion occur.

Resolution/Denouement:  John rejects the offer to leave, and Bernard and Watson are exiled.  John sets up camp by himself and tries to survive in his new world that he hates.  The final confrontation comes at the end when there is a blow-out between him and tourists and officials.

I hope that helped; good luck!