What is the plot of the play Soul Gone Home?

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Langston Hughes wrote the one act play entitled A Soul Gone Home in 1963. It was part of a collection called Five Plays by Langston Hughes.  The plot of the play is a sixteen-year-old boy named Ronnie Bailey who has died. His mother is standing over his body in the tenement room where they live. She is pleading loudly with God and her son that he would come back from the spirit world and talk to her. 

Ronnie does come back to talk to her, but it is not the conversation she expects. He accuses her of being a bad mother. She is shocked and says he never talked to her that way when he was alive. He agrees and says that since he is dead now, he can talk to her that way. Readers can infer that Ronnie was afraid of his mother when he was living, but, in death, that fear is gone. Here is a quote from the play in which Ronnie airs his grievances against his mother: 

"SON: Yes it is me talking, too! I say you been a no-good mama.

MOTHER: What for you talkin' to me like that, Ronnie? You ain't never...

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