Little Women Questions and Answers
by Louisa May Alcott

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What is the sequential plot line for Alcott's Little Women?

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Little Women begins at Christmas time with the March family and Mr. March away in the Civil War. The adventures of the little women begins when a wealthy neighbor invites the family to join them for a Christmas party. This is where Jo meets Laurie, the grandson of the wealthy neighbor, while both are hiding from the party. While the text is too extensive for a full plot description here, the next major event occurs when Mrs. March is called away to the War herself because her husband is gravely ill and, in her absence, Beth contracts scarlet fever from the baby of a poor family she has gone to give comfort and aid to. To protect her from the fever, Amy is sent to Aunt March. Later at another Christmas party, Mr. Brooke declares his love and asks Meg to marry him. They must be content to wait for three years though as Meg is too young at present for marriage, although the eldest. Meanwhile, Beth recovers from her nearly fatal fever just as Mrs. March returns. The next...

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