What is the plot line for Little Women?

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Little Women is about the lives of four sisters and the friends that surround them. Each sister has her own personal struggles to overcome and each must find her own path through life. In the beginning of the story, the girls father is away with the soldiers during the war and the girls must work to help the family survive without him. Joe works for Aunt March as her companion. Meg works for the Kings as a governess. Beth is too young to work but she helps Hannah tend the house while Marmee is out helping the less fortunate. Amy, the youngest, attends a school for girls. Eventually, Amy leaves the school because the teacher uses corporal punishment against her in the classroom. She then takes us Joe's position as Aunt March's companion. She even accompanies Aunt March to Europe for an extended trip abroad. There, she runs into Laurie, the boy who lives next door that Joe has already turned down a marriage proposal from. Joe goes to Concord to work in a boarding house and try her hand as a writer. She returns home to find Beth gravely ill and her sister Meg, who was the first to marry, pregnant. After the death of Beth and birth of Meg and John's twins, Amy and Laurie return from Europe to announce their marriage. The story ends with the engagement of Joe to Professor Bear, a man who befriended her at the boarding house.
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