What is the plot of George L. Aiken's play Uncle Tom's Cabin?

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The plot of George L. Aiken’s melodramatic play does not stray far from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classic novel of social reform. It is in the presentation of the story where the plot of the stage production differs from Stowe’s vision in the original novel. In the Stowe version of the story, the author states in her Preface:

The hand of benevolence is everywhere stretched out, searching into abuses, righting wrongs, alleviating distresses, and bringing to the knowledge and sympathies of the world the lowly, the oppressed, and the forgotten.

Usually, the narrative structure or overall design of a novel follows a pathway from rising action through resolution. The novelist arranges the elements of a story in such a manner as to build a unified structure for the reader to follow. Stowe writes a seething condemnation of the institution of slavery in the pre–Civil War era by tracing the tribulations of Tom, who is sold to a cruel master, and other slaves looking to escape his fate. Stowe...

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