What plot exposition does Shelley offer the reader in chapters one and two of Frankenstein?

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In the opening chapters, Victor Frankenstein describes his family's accomplishments and generosity, their European travels, and how Elizabeth came to be a part of his family. Victor emphasizes his closeness with Elizabeth and observes that while her interests lay in literature and artistic aesthetics, his were more scientific. He acknowledges that his parents were extraordinarily kind and indulgent. 

Victor characterizes himself as precocious in childhood and insatiably curious about science and metaphysics. He credits Elizabeth and his friend Henry Clerval with helping him hold onto his humanity as he became more and more immersed in his studies. Natural philosophy and electricity also captured his interest, but when he first began to consider galvanism, he passed a point of no return, and he foreshadows the tragedy to come by acknowledging that all of these memories predate his "after tale of misery."

Exposition is a literary device used to introduce information about a character's...

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