What plot events show how Zoe and Natalie get Hannah to read Natalie’s story?

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When Natalie writes a book, she decides to submit it to the publishing house where her mother works in the hope of getting it published. She knows her chances are slim; thousands of books are rejected every year. Her friend Zoe and their teacher, Ms. Clayton, work together to get the book the notice it deserves.

Ms. Clayton and Zoe set up a fake literary agency to help the book Natalie wrote get more attention. A book that is represented by an agent is taken more seriously and is more likely to get read by the right people. They even get a mailing address and office equipment that will help the agency seem more real if anyone looks into it.

Having a fake agent works because Hannah's boss Letha sees the manuscript and makes Hannah read it. She likes it even though she thinks there are some things to work out with it. After that, though, the girls and Ms. Clayton have to keep up their schemes to make sure that Hannah, and not Letha, is the editor that works with Natalie on the book.

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In The School Story, a young girl named Natalie writes a book that she sends to a publishing company where her mother, Hannah, works as an editor. Because she is a child, however, she uses a pseudonym, Cassandra Day, so that her real identity will not be discovered until the book is accepted for publication. When Hannah’s boss, Letha, sees the manuscript, however, she believes it will be successful and wants the credit for editing it, so she decides to edit it herself. To get Hannah to read the manuscript instead of Letha, Natalie’s friend Zoe, posing as her literary agent named Zee Zee, complains to Letha directly that Cassandra (Natalie) will not work with the publishing company if Hannah is not her editor. Letha demands an apology and refuses to publish the book. At that point, Zee Zee writes a letter to the president of the publishing company and explains Natalie's request. The president reads the manuscript, loves it, and honor’s Natalie’s wishes. The president gives Hannah the manuscript to edit, and later the book is published.

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