Tom Jones Questions and Answers
by Henry Fielding

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What is the plot construction of Henry Fielding's Tom Jones?

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Published in 1749, Tom Jones by Henry Fielding is one of the earliest examples of an English novel. Its plot is divided into 18 books and follows the life of its titular character, Tom Jones, through all his life obstacles.

The novel begins with Tom as a baby showing up in the bed of Allworthy, a wealthy gentleman of a country estate. Allworthy decides to raise the boy in his household alongside his own nephew, and the plot proceeds to follow Tom's life as he grows up, falls in love with various different girls and women, and gets into scuffles and arguments with acquaintances all the while with his origins remaining mysterious.

Tom's life takes a turn when he is banished from Allworthy's estate over a misunderstanding. He thus travels around the countryside and then eventually to London, meeting more women and also being pursued by his former love from Allworthy's estate, Sophia. While on his travels, he gets into a duel with a scorned husband of a woman he slept with and is even thrown...

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