What is the plot of chapter 11 of Lyddie?

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In Chapter 11, the plot centers on Lyddie's summer and her efforts at learning how to read.

At the beginning of the chapter, we learn that Betsy has been reading Oliver Twist to Lyddie. This is an important revelation, as the book is the means by which Lyddie learns how to read.

Lyddie also draws comfort from the story because Oliver Twist tells the story of an orphan who falls upon hard times. Like Oliver Twist, Lyddie is also a child laborer; she works 13 hour days at the cotton mill. The chapter reveals that Lyddie cannot go home for the summer because of the terms of her contract.

As she sees her fellow mill workers leave for the summer, Lyddie's only comfort is that she will make more money on account of all the extra looms to tend. The chapter ends with Lyddie purchasing her own copy of Oliver Twist.

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