What is a brief summary of Catching Fire?

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After the events of The Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta return to District 12 as co-winners, something that has never happened before. While trying to reconcile her feelings for Peeta and her inability to fully return to her previous life, Katniss is approached by President Snow and warned that she will not be allowed to function as a symbol for a revolution. While on tour with Peeta, Katniss witnesses more examples of the Capitol's extreme oppression tactics and brutality, including the execution of District 11 citizens who salute her. Returning home, Katniss discovers that District 8 revolted, and now its citizens are either dead or fleeing. She also hears rumors of District 13, which was thought destroyed years before in the revolt that instigated the Hunger Games. When the next Hunger Games comes, the Capitol decides to take a winner from each District and return them to the arena; Katniss realizes that they are trying to get her killed so she cannot be a symbol of revolution. Despite this, she makes some new friends from the previous tributes and again does well in training; in the Games, she and Peeta team up with some other Tributes and survive until an explosion breaks the Game system. As the novel ends, Katniss learns that District 12 has been bombed out of existence, and that Peeta is a prisoner of the Capitol.


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