What is the plot of "The Swiss Family Robinson"?Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action and Resolution.

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The Robinson family, emigrating overseas from their native Switzerland, is shipwrecked on a deserted island.  Though the ship is destroyed, many supplies, as well as livestock, are preserved, making their survival on the island easier.

And yet, there are still difficulties to encounter and overcome.  Through their ingenuity and their faith, they face these difficulties through industry, creativity, and perseverance.  Supplementing the ship's supplies with materials on the island, they manage to make a small utopia for themselves, much in the way they had planned as colonists in their intended home.

After more than a decade, they have settled into their new environment, coming to terms with their isolation.  However, the arrival of a newcomer, Jenny Montrose, leads them to thoughts of civilisation. 

With the arrival of a ship, they make the choice to remain on the island, though establishing contact with the outside world.  Their orignal intent of establishing a colony has been achieved, yet not in the location they had planned.

Wyss's theme of faith, perseverance, and family are stressed throughout.  Though at times pedantic and unrealistic, this tale exemplifies human ingenuity in the most difficult of circumstances.

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