What is the plot of the book "Number The Stars", shortened please. 

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The plot in the book Number the Stars is about how the people of Denmark tried to help the Jews escape from the rule of the Germans during World War II.  Germany had conquered Denmark in the war.  They wanted to round up the Jews in Denmark just like they had done in other parts of Europe.  However, the Danes resisted this tremendously. This is a story of how a Danish family, the Johansens, help a Jewish family, the Rosens, escape from the Nazi search. These families are friends, and the Johansens want to be sure their Jewish friends are safe. The Johansens provide a hiding a place for Ellen, the Rosen's daughter, and provide explanations to the Germans when they ask about her. The Johansens also help the entire family escape to Sweden. Through coded words and the help of other Danes, the family is able to get to the woods to get to the boat to help them escape. The story of the escape shows how the Danish people worked to deceive and defy the rule of the Germans. This book is about how the people of Denmark help the Jews of Denmark escape to freedom in Sweden.

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