What is the plot in the book Elephant run?

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Hello! Plot is essentially all the events that make up a story. It starts out with an introduction, a rising action leading to the conflict, a climax, followed by a falling action and then the final resolution.

'Elephant Run' first introduces us to Nicholas Freestone, a fourteen year old boy who has been sent by his mother to live with his father at the family teak plantation in Burma (Nick's parents are divorced). We are also introduced to Nang, the foreman, his daughter, Mya, his son, Indaw, the monk-mahout, Hilltop, and the elephant, Hannibal. Ironically, Nicholas goes from the frying pan into the fire, so to speak: he does escape the London bombings, only to come face to face with the Japanese occupation in Burma. The rising action is seen with the events leading up to the capture of Nick's father: the Japanese invasion and takeover of the plantation, Nick and the elephants escaping, Nick getting captured by Sergeant Sonji and later becoming a servant to Colonel Nagayoshi for ten months, and Nick, Mya disguising themselves as novice monks in order to escape the plantation.

The main conflict is the capture of Nick's father and Indaw. They are sent to a labor camp. How do we solve the conflict? Nick, Mya, and Hilltop must escape the clutches of the Japanese soldiers and rescue both Nick's father (Jackson) and Indaw. Climax of the story includes all that Nick, Mya, and Hilltop have to endure in their rescue effort as they navigate the Burmese jungle, decide who is friend or foe, evade Japanese troops, endure extreme heat and hunger. Hannibal, the elephant, adds interest to the story as he is central to the rescue effort. The falling action is when the conflict is resolved: after the group safely helps Nick's father and Indaw escape, they are faced with Captain Moto, who attack them, along with his Japanese sympathizers. Hannibal charges at Captain Moto and the group are eventually liberated by scouts. Mya and Nick fall in love and the resolution claims our attention: the Freestones are now in Australia living on a cattle ranch they own.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the question.

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