What is the plot of 'The Black Cat'?  please tell me what is exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action and resolution.   please I need this by tomorrow at 30:00 p.m.

mravison | Student

30:00 PM? Ok, well let me take a quick crack at it.

Exposition: narrator reveals he loves both cats and dog above men. He has married young and tries to introduce his wife to this love of animals. We also find out that Pluto, the black cat, is his favorite.

Rising Action: He starts to suffer from  mood swings increased by alcohol. He mistreats his animals and his wife but does not harm Pluto until one night he lashes out at Pluto and cuts out one of his eyes. The narrator hangs Pluto from a tree to finish the job and his house burns down at the same time. Of course, the narrator doesn't put two and two together that these incidents relate. A new black cat is discovered in a barrel of alcohol with a white mark on his fur resembling gallows (things to hang people from)

Climax: The narrator heads into his cellar and almost trips over this new cat. He is going to kill it when his wife tries to stop him. He takes an ax to her head and kills her. He then dismembers the body and decides to hide it behind the plaster of one of his walls in the basement. He looks around for the cat and figures it has scampered off.

Falling action: The police show up on the fourth day after the murder and the narrator takes them on a tour of the house to ease their suspicions. He even knocks on the basement walls to show everything is OK. At this point the cat cries out from behind the wall, the police tear it away and discover the cat sitting on top the dead wife's head.


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