The Lucky Chance, Or An Alderman's Bargain

by Aphra Behn
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What is the plot of Aphra Behn's play The Lucky Chance?

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Behn's play The Lucky Chance is a romance and marital comedy that is aggressively lewd and bawdy but with plenty of thinly veiled social criticisms factored in.

Two young women, Lady Leticia and Lady Julia, are "engaged" to be married to much older men—although in reality, they are essentially sold off. Neither of them want to marry the older men, but they have no choice.

At the same time, both of them are being courted by men their own age. Gayman, Julia's suitor, has squandered his wealth buying jewelry to court the Lady in an attempt to win her favor. This leaves him destitute, and he must sell himself to a wealthy older woman in order to survive—an obvious parallel to the fate of the women in the play.

Meanwhile, Bellmour, Lady Leticia's suitor, continually dons outrageous disguises to try and meet with her surreptitiously. They form a romance in the shadows and defy her husband. Near the end of the play, Julia's husband is playing dice, and he wagers a night with his wife on the...

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