What is the plot of "All Summer in a Day"?

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All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury is about a group of school children living on Venus.  Venus only experiences rain, but once every seven years, the sun comes out for two hours.  It is an occasion to celebrate because it is so rare, and the small children have not experienced it yet in their young lives.  However, a girl by the name of Margot moved to Venus from Earth.  She has lived in an environment when the sun shines all the time.  The children don’t believe her stories about the sun and what it looks like, so they lock her in a closet.  When the sun does come out, the children celebrate it outdoors until it starts raining again.  When they go back inside, they realize they have left Margot in the closet.  They are ashamed of themselves and regret their actions.  For Margot, she will have to wait another seven years to see the sun she loves and misses so much. 

The short story is about the meanness and jealousy of children.  It is also a look at the importance of nature and its effects on us.

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