Show the plot development in "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker. 

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"Everyday Use" by Alice Walker presents three characters in turmoil.  Mama or Mrs. Johnson narrates the story concerning her daughters and the interaction amid the family.  Her oldest daughter Dee is coming for a visit after being away at school.  The other daughter Maggie, who is crippled,  lives with her mother.  Much of the story is Mama's recollection of events that have brought the family to the day of this visit. 

The breakdown of the plot---

Initial Event---

Maggie and Mama wait in the yard for Dee to arrive.  Both of them are nervous because they perceive Dee as better than they are although no one voices that opinion. 

From Mama's information, the reader learns that Dee was never happy at home.  Maggie was burned in a home fire. Dee seems to look down at Maggie and her mother.  The church paid for Dee to go to college. 

It is also evident that Mama is proud of Dee and her intelligence and looks. 

Rising Action--

Dee arrives with...

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